Tax Planning

A passive activity...

Most people consider Tax Planning as a passive activity by doing a once and done year-end estimate of what they might owe in taxes and then just add a few more deductions here and there to lower their taxes for that year. That’s not true tax planning, that’s just a guestimate. We take a more holistic and Pro*Ac*tive approach to your taxes and your Tax Planning by creating a living documented coordinated approach that is updated consistently as changes occur in your unique lifestyle and as the complexities of your tax situation change… ife goes on.

For example, when you first begin in business, your financial needs may be much simpler in how you structure both your Legal and Tax obligations at the start but by not taking a Pro*Ac*tive approach in tax planning at startup for the growth, challenges, and changes that will surely happen within your business over the years then as you approach your eventual exit “end game plan” may not be optimal and you could end up putting yourself needlessly in a business legal mess coupled with an unsurmountable tax bill all without the means to pay for it.

A happy and financially secure retirement...

Your dreams of a happy and financially secure retirement just vanquished even after all your lifetime of work building your business. We believe a better approach could have been taken allowing you to walk away from your business “Tax Free” and financially secure.

That’s the importance of Pro*Ac*tive tax Planning as we see it and we hope that you do too. Click here for your FREE CONSULTATION!!

Our Clients

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John is not only one of the most honest, kind, family orientated and the smartest realistic person I have ever met. He's genuine. He cares and goes above and beyond for his clients. Not only has he kept me incredibly organized with my taxes by sending these beautifully bound 'book-like" copies of my important tax info for every year. -saved me so much anxiety every time I had to provide this info for something. (Loan/mortgage officers love it BTW, I think I've gotten some extra brownie points because it makes me seem so on top of my business!) I could spread my gratitude for him in a novel. He is so amazing; he actually takes the time to send out these incredibly helpful and inspirational newspapers that inform you of various helpful articles in which we are blessed to receive from a Gentleman who writes books on Tax Law. Oh yes, and thank you for supporting and helping us Artists!!! We love you and your family"

Ginger Shaw


I met John Walters through a business associate of ours in 2012. From day 1 I was impressed with not only his knowledge and expertise in tax accounting but also his high level of passion that he has for his profession. There is a sense of genuine care and integrity that is resonated when communicating with him. In addition, the huge $ amounts that he has saved me (as well as my mother whom I referred to him) is an added plus!"

Jason Christ


When my tax situation was a complete mess for multiple years, John Walters had the knowledge and perseverance to see it through, unravelling the disaster, causing me to have a great outcome and relief of a huge burden. I highly recommend him for any tax consulting or preparation. He is expedient, reliable, friendly and reasonable."

Amy Figg